U.S. Manufacturer of LVDT Position Sensors and Signal Conditioners

Industries Energy Power Generation

Energy / Power Gen

Valve Position Sensors, Turbine Case Expansion Measurement, Downhole Well Monitoring

Industries factory automation

Factory Automation

Industrial Gauging, Process Control, Robotics, TIR Measurements, Test Stands

Industries subsea marine

Subsea / Marine

Choke Valve Position, Pipeline Monitoring, Mooring Cables, Submersible Sensors

Industries oem

Industrial OEM

Custom Linear Position Sensors, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Position, Miniature Position Sensors

Industries civil

Civil Engineering / R&D

Structural Monitoring, Building Controls, X-Y Positioners, Test Equipment

Industries aerospace military

Aerospace / Military

Actuator Position, Engine Control, Missile Fin Feedback, Pilot Controls

Macro Sensors Certifications